1 .Room:

You can choose your room from the followings:

  • Single Room
  • Shared Room

A single room will be used by a single person whereas two people will share the shared room. Both the rooms have :

    • Comfortable bed
    • Attached toilet /bathroom Cupboard
    • Sofa
    • TV
    • Emergency Call Point
    • Hot and cold water supply
    • Tea and coffee maker etc.

2. Personal care:

 We offer the best personal care services to our active and assisted residents with love, care and respect.

3 .Hygienic Food:

 We have a well equipped kitchen. Weekly menus are set in consultation with the dieticians. Well balanced and nutritious food is served in a buffet style in the dining area. If required, food can be served at the tables and even in the room. All the vegetarian and non vegetarian food items are prepared, kept and served separately.

4. Housekeeping: 

We have trained housekeeping staff. They clean your room and toilet, make your bed. They maintain cleanliness of all the common areas as well.


We provide laundry service as per your requirement. Charges for your personal clothes depend on the consumption and the varieties of the clothes.

6. Medical Support:

Your health is our prime concern. We provide day to day medical support and handle emergency situation. A doctor is available on call basis also. A trained nursing staff is available during office hour every day. In case of any medical emergency, the patient will be taken to the partner hospital in the ambulance.

There will be regular medical checkups of all the residents. Medical records will be maintained properly.

7. Security:

We do focus on making PANCHWOTI safe and secured. We have electronic surveillance for common areas and a high level of manned security. There is an emergency call point system in each room.

8. Yoga and Meditation:

There is a Yoga and Meditation Hall where you can spend your time doing this in order to maintain your physical and spiritual health. There is Physiotherapy service as well.

9. Library:

We have a well set up library with popular books, journals and newspaper.

10. Tour and Trips:

We organize tour and trips as and when. You can participate on them and experience the difference.