We are proud of our experts and advisors who guide us in maintaining and improving our service qualities.

  • Prof. Dr. Prem Khatry , Chief Advisor

    Prof. Khatry did PhD.from the University of California,USA .He was the former Dean of Tribhuvan University of Nepal.He has written several books related to sociology, anthropology and more.He has made remarkable contribution to the educational and social development of Nepal.He provides us important guidelines in improving our overall services.

  • Mr. Devendra Thapa , Technical Advisor

    Mr. Thapa is from Engineering background. He is associated with the renown Telecom office in Nepal. His expertise in construction, design, decoration and so on has been very important and useful to us.

  • Dr.Sanjib Kumar Shah , Medical Advisor

    Dr.Shah is a medical Doctor working in the renowned hospitals and polyclinics in Kathmandu. He supports us in maintaining high class medical services to our residents.

  • Er. Bharosha Karki , Environmental Consultant

    Er.Karki did Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering from Metropolia University of Applied Science,helsikni,Finland. She has completed her Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Jvaskyla as well. She provides us important guidelines in maintaining and improving the environment of PANCHAWOTI HOME